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‘Making A Murderer:’ Decision Regarding Brendan Dassey To Be Made Soon – Report

‘Making A Murderer:’ Decision Regarding Brendan Dassey To Be Made Soon – Report
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‘Making A Murderer:’ Decision Regarding Brendan Dassey To Be Made Soon – Report

A decision for an appeal for review of Brendan Dassey’s case, nephew of Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery, by a federal judge has been made and a decision “could be reached at any time.” With all evidence pointing to violation of due process, could the boy be freed soon?

According to Laura Nirider, clinical assistant professor of law and co-director of the Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth at Northwestern Pritzker University, Chicago, Dassey’s case has been taken out of the state system. The next step is for a federal judge to review the case.

“We at the center took Brendan’s case and carried it through the appeals process that included the Wisconsin Supreme Court. All were denied. The next hope is that a federal judge will review the case and rule in Brendan’s favor,” Nirider said.

According to Nirider, the appeal in Dassey’s case concentrates on his confession and how it was gathered without either his mother or attorney present during the interrogation. He was taken to police headquarters – after being questioned by the police at his school – where he underwent an almost four hour interrogation, Nirider said.

The lawyer further noted that while the investigators had gone to the alleged murder scene and searched the area, they had not found DNA evidence or blood that would have confirmed a murder had taken place at the residence.

Speaking at the Tulsa County Bar Foundation Law Day luncheon, as reported by Tulsa World, the lawyer highlighted the overwhelming response for the docuseries Making a Murderer.

Such positive acceptance from the world over has been significant for Dassey to tell his side of the story. “He has received letters from around the world from people who support and believe him, the lawyer said.

Meanwhile, filmmakers and creators of the docuseries Making a Murderer are also watching Dassey’s case closely as they were also informed that decision will be made anytime.

“The issues they’ve raised have to do with whether or not Brendan’s federal constitutional rights were violated. It’s a very different venue now,” Laura Ricciardi told Radio Times.

Moira Demos revealed that Dassey’s lawyers will be notified one to two days ahead of the ruling.

“Honestly, we’re on the edge of our seats. Any day there could be a decision from this one magistrate about Brendan’s fate,” Demos added.

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