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Major Windows 10 Updates Releasing On The Occasion Of The OS’ Anniversary

Major Windows 10 Updates Releasing On The Occasion Of The OS’ Anniversary
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Major Windows 10 Updates Releasing On The Occasion Of The OS’ Anniversary

At the Microsoft Build event, no big announcements were made. This is understood as the company, even after one year, is still trying to establish Windows 10 properly. It is also logical and intelligent of Microsoft to not just rush after new things before they put a strong Windows 10 foundation. But yes, announcement about the major Windows 10 updates that the company wishes to release this summer was made.

So what are those major Windows 10 updates that Microsoft plans to release on the occasion of its latest OS’ anniversary? Here they are:

Microsoft Surface users will get to do more things with Surface Pen

With the anniversary Windows 10 updates, Microsoft plans to add “Ink Center” for Surface Pens. Does that mean your stylus will now run on ink? No! Not at all. With “Ink Center,” Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface Book owners will be able to set Cortana reminders from the notes. This update will also improve your sticky notes. These notes will now be able to add hyperlinks automatically as well as recognize your handwriting. Users will also be able to strike out or highlight text.

Cortana will now be everywhere

As Windows 10 updates release, Cortana will no more sit on one place. It will be available almost everywhere on your device like on the lock screen and “within Skype as a bot conversation.” PC Mag in its report mentioned, “Cortana on the lock screen is a tricky topic for privacy, but Microsoft reps say you’ll have to specifically allow her, for example, to show info from your calendar appointments. This Windows 10 assistant may now also respond to commands like, “Hey Cortana, shut down the PC!”

As Microsoft has added third-party app support for Cortana by introducing “Better with Cortana” in the Windows Store, you may also be able to book an Uber or order Pizza with the help of this virtual assistant.

Xbox and gaming are about to change

“Game developers have access to a fully open ecosystem with the Universal Windows Platform, making it easy to bring the games people love to both Xbox One and other Windows 10 devices. With the Anniversary Update, any Xbox One can be a developer kit with Xbox Dev Mode, enabling anyone to develop for the living room,” wrote Microsoft on Windows Blog. Cortana will also become your gaming assistant and help you find new games, tips and tricks.

Apart from the Windows 10 updates mentioned above, Windows Hello is also improving. Using Hello, users will be able to log in to websites on Microsoft Edge and third-party apps.

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