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Major Outage Hits Verizon Billing System

Major Outage Hits Verizon Billing System


Major Outage Hits Verizon Billing System

Major Outage Hits Verizon Billing SystemAre you having trouble paying your latest Verizon bill? If it would be a consolation, it might help to know that you are not alone. According to some customers of the biggest wireless carrier in the country today, they have been experiencing problems paying their dues for a few days now.

The company recently confirmed what it called as a major outage of its own online billing system. The blackout even included My Verizon website.

In a statement, Verizon admitted that it has been experiencing issues with its billing system. It said the problem affects a number of customer accounts, especially those that are mostly in the Midwestern, Northeast, and southern states.

However, the telecommunications provider said it is now working to fix the issue. At the same time, it clarified and assured that the problem is not in any way affecting text, call, or data services. It said the issue involved the internal billing system that does not affect network services. With that, the company apologized to its customers for any possible inconvenience the setback may have caused them.

Temporarily unavailable 

Affected customers related how they experience the problem. According to them, when they are attempting to log in to their My Verizon accounts through its online site, they get a notice that says that the service is unavailable on a temporary basis.

A note on the Website thanks the customers for signing in to the service. It relates that several actions are not available temporarily while a system upgrade is in place. The company assured that it is looking forward to serve the customers better on the next time they sign in.

Ventilating at Twitter

Some customers claim that the mobile app of My Verizon has also been temporarily unavailable to them. Many of the affected customers, as usual, have used microblogging site Twitter to air their complaints about the recent outage.

Those disgruntled customers used the hashtag #VerizonOutage. Some of those complainants even disclosed that aside from the trouble in bills payment, they also have not been able to buy and/or activate new handsets.

Although the company is apologetic, it did not actually confirm when the major outage began. But again, the disappointed customers who came to Twitter claimed that the problem has been persisting for more than two days already.

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