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Maggots Found In Similac: Actual Photos, Videos And Mom’s Story Of Disgusting Discovery

Maggots Found In Similac: Actual Photos, Videos And Mom’s Story Of Disgusting Discovery
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Maggots Found In Similac: Actual Photos, Videos And Mom’s Story Of Disgusting Discovery

A woman has claimed she found live maggots in her child’s powdered Similac brand formula.

The woman, who published a status update on Facebook on September 16, said she discovered maggots after realizing there was an insect in the dregs of a bottle her child was consuming.

Stephanie Guzman shared pictures of a can of Similac, in which she claims she found live maggots, on Facebook (the original post can be viewed towards the bottom of the story). In the post, the woman said she had been feeding her baby Similac Sensitive since June this year; but when she opened a can she had bought on Monday from a Walmart store, she saw a maggot after making the formula in the bottle.

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Maggots found in Similac

In the post, Guzman said she discovered a maggot when she made another bottle. “I checked the bag with the formula and found another one, first thing I did when I came home was to checked [SIC] the rest of the can,” Guzman wrote in her post. “I found 3 more inside the can.”

Guzman said she spoke with her baby’s pediatrician, who said the infant should be fine as the acids in the stomach can destroy the contamination.

“Please help me and other moms by sharing this!!!”Guzman wrote.

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Health issues caused by consuming contaminated formula

Guzman also included pictures and videos in her post, which have been massively viewed and shared. The video in itself has received in excess of 10 million views.

A similar incident had occurred in 2010, when bugs and larvae were discovered in Similac baby formula; leading to a massive recall. As reported by the New York Daily News, beetles and larvae were mixed with the product at a quality check at a Sturgis, Michigan, plant.

According to Food and Drug Administration, some of the health issues caused as a result of consuming contaminated formula include stomach discomfort and loss of appetite.

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