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Mac’s 3rd Quarter Revenue Exceeds that of iPad

Mac’s 3rd Quarter Revenue Exceeds that of iPad


Mac’s 3rd Quarter Revenue Exceeds that of iPad

Mac’s 3rd Quarter Revenue Exceeds that of iPadBelieve it or not, the Mac computer exceeded iPad in the third quarter in terms of revenue. This is according to the data released by Apple Inc itself covering the three-month period ending September. Mac’s sales exceeded that of the Apple tablet by as much as 25%. Last year, iPad sales was 10% more than Mac’s revenue.

The giant technology firm disclosed that it sold 5.5 million units of Mac in the quarter. That was a record for the Apple PC. Its sales jumped 21% compared to the same quarter in 2013. That even topped the record 5.2 million units sold that was set about three years ago.

Interestingly, it came during a time when overall PC sales around the world have been continuously declining. And obviously, the third quarter’s record sales came as no accident. Apple attributed the strong quarterly sales to the strong back-to-school returns.

Other possible factors

Some analysts think that it was boosted by the lower average selling price of the PCs. It could also be that many consumers simply preferred traditional PCs in the quarter over the lighter and thinner MacBook Air notebook or even the popular iPad.

Moreover, Mac PC’s quarterly sales hit $6.6 billon. The figure was the most it earned ever in sales. It literally exceeded market expectations. That amount accounted for about 16% of Apple’s overall $42.1 billion revenue in the period, which was also the highest since the company posted a strong September quarter in 2011.

Apple eats itself

Asked if he gets concerned that Mac might be cannibalizing iPad in terms of sales, Apple CEO Tim Cook said there is nothing to worry about. He explained that it is just fine as long as it seems like ‘Apple is eating itself.’

However, based on IDC’s figures, Mac’s unit sales in the third quarter was just a fraction of the overall PC shipments during the period. Mac is estimated to have accounted for about 7% of total PC sales around the world in the period.

Sales of iPad is expected to hike in the fourth quarter. This is because consumer interest has just been refreshed after the recent launch of the new iPad Air 2 and the smaller iPad mini 3.

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