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MacBook Pro 2016: Is It Worth Upgrading? Predictions & Killer Features

MacBook Pro 2016: Is It Worth Upgrading? Predictions & Killer Features


MacBook Pro 2016: Is It Worth Upgrading? Predictions & Killer Features

Every year, Apple updates it MacBook series lineup, but if the last few releases were any indication, the company seems to be trying out new variations and models. According to new reports, it may not be long before Apple comes out with a new breed of MacBook Pro 2016. But will the lineup deliver? Is Apple losing its touch?

MacBook Wait Could Be Over

Apple’s March 21 event revealed new offerings, but the Mac community was left disappointed. However, it might not be long before new models come out if the latest reports are to be believed. Specifically, Apple updated its 13-in and 15-in MacBook Pro laptops last March and May 2015, respectively, so it shouldn’t be long before new models come out. There is also the Worldwide Developers Conference to look forward to in June.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that new MacBooks will have a new design, Touch ID and an OLED display touch bar, as reported by MacWorld.

“While long overlooked, the MacBook line is the brightest spot for Apple’s 2016 rollouts,” said Kuo in a report back on May 23.

Furthermore, the report said that people can most probably expect new MacBooks sometime around summer. It won’t be a long wait as the WWDC 2016 is set to start on June 13.

The MacBook Wish

As to what would make the MacBook line even better, 9to5Mac has something to offer.

“So Touch ID is not a small thing if Apple offers the same level of functionality on the Mac as it does on iOS devices,” wrote Ben Lovejoy.

“Logging into websites, for example, would be an obvious application. Sure, password managers help a lot, but there’s no more convenient way to do it than just touching a finger to the sensor. If Apple gives Touch ID access to our Keychain, that’s a lot of convenience right there,” he added.

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