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MacBook Pro 2016 Features: Thunderbolt 3, Smaller USB-C Ports Confirmed?

MacBook Pro 2016 Features: Thunderbolt 3, Smaller USB-C Ports Confirmed?
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MacBook Pro 2016 Features: Thunderbolt 3, Smaller USB-C Ports Confirmed?

Industry insiders speculate that the MacBook Pro 2016 will include features such as the Thunderbolt 3 and smaller USB-C ports.

Based on the latest rumors, this could be a distinct possibility, as Apple tries to catch up with its competitors in terms of data transfer technologies. Tech experts have noted that the Cupertino-based company has been quite slow in adapting to such developments, which has put it at a disadvantage.

Many therefore expect that Apple will try to make up for lost time by trying to match the offerings of its rivals, according to Apple Insider. Including the Thunderbolt 3 and the USB-C ports among the key features of the MacBook Pro 2016 will certainly be considered manna from heaven by future users of the highly-anticipated laptop.

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Thunderbolt 3 is a faster version of the USB-C ports, and at the same time can provide device power. As Apple users know, MacBook Pro was last updated in 2015 and is equipped with two Thunderbolt ports on the left side of the case, and a single USB 3.0 Type A standard rectangular connectors on both the left and right side.

Moreover, MacBook 2015 has an Apple-specific MagSafe 2 connector and analog audio dual-purpose jack on the left, while the right has a HDMI port, and a SD card slot. This brings the laptop’s total number of digital ports to 5, an issue that can be addressed by Apple once it decides to install the Thunderbolt 3 port in the device.

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Meanwhile, aside from the Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C, other features of the MacBook Pro 2016 include the Kaby Lake processor, according to Forbes. The Kaby Lake, however, isn’t that much different from its predecessor the Skylake, and should therefore prompt Intel to ramp up the production of the chip.

It can be recalled that Intel was originally scheduled to to ship a 10-nanometer Canonlake after Skylake, but instead put Canonlake in the backburner and introduced Kaby Lake as an interim product.

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With the Thunderbolt 3 and the USB-C ports rumored to make their debut on the MacBook Pro 2016, what other features could the device be offering once it is officially launched?

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