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‘MacBook Air’ To Be Released In 2016 To Make Way For ‘iPad Pro?’

‘MacBook Air’ To Be Released In 2016 To Make Way For ‘iPad Pro?’
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‘MacBook Air’ To Be Released In 2016 To Make Way For ‘iPad Pro?’

MacBook Air 2016’s release date is still not confirmed, but experts believe that Apple may not launch it against iPad Pro, postponing it to 2016.

Apple is releasing the iPad Pro on November 11, and chances are, if other products come around at that time, especially “MacBook Air,” people will have choices. This may negatively affect the sales of iPad Pro. To avoid such risk, Apple is concentrating on its 12.9-inch tablet.

Hence, MacBook Air will be out only in 2016. The exact time is still not known, but if sources are to be believed, it may come out spring next year. If Apple wants to promote the iPad Pro now, news of this latest laptop coming next year makes sense. Launching it early in 2016 or by the end of 2015 may not give the iPad Pro enough time to convince people to invest into it.

As for the MacBook Air 2016, the laptop is said to be launched in two variants, one with a 15-inch screen and another with a 13-inch display. Here are some other rumored specs:

OS : OS X El Capitan

USB Port : Type C

Chipset : Intel Skylake-U chipset

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 graphics card

The MacBook Air 2016 may also sport ForceTouch technology. The laptop’s battery life and design will also improve. Compared to previous MacBooks, this one is going to be thinner.

Now comes the most interesting news. We all know how expensive Apple products are, but MacBook Air 2016 might be an exception. It is rumored to be the cheapest MacBook designed by the brand. No official announcement is made yet, but this laptop may come with a price tag of $899.

The launch dates of the MacBook Air 2016 and the MacBook Pro 2016 are expected to be announced soon.

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