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Macaulay Culkin Is Back In Home Alone Sequel

Macaulay Culkin Is Back In Home Alone Sequel
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Macaulay Culkin Is Back In Home Alone Sequel

Missed Kevin McCallister? Good news. He’s back as a wounded and traumatized Uber driver.

Everyone who grew up watching Macaulay Culkin in the movie series, Home Alone, is in for a treat.

Culkin, left alone by his family and struggled to beat a bunch of burglars in a series of witty schemes is definitely back. The character, Kevin McCallister, is in for a new adventure.

The show, :DRYVRS , will feature Culkin as an adult in one of its episodes. Culkin is an Uber driver now, and in the episode mentioned, he starts to recall his childhood traumatic experiences as seen in Home Alone.

McCallister is now married and drives around the city. He gets busy chatting with passengers.

As his character recounts his childhood experience of being left alone in the house, he emphasizes that it left a deep and traumatic impact in his life, growing up. He chats with a passenger, played by Dishel, who will, in succeeding episodes, also be meeting other numerous strange personalities in the show, according to The Guardian.

This episode marks the 25th anniversary of the original Home Alone release.

This is Culkin’s first major appearance after playing himself in The Jim Gaffigan Show.

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