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LYF Phones: Upcoming Launch Of Flame 2, Wind 4 & Water 7 Plus Price Cuts

LYF Phones: Upcoming Launch Of Flame 2, Wind 4 & Water 7 Plus Price Cuts
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LYF Phones: Upcoming Launch Of Flame 2, Wind 4 & Water 7 Plus Price Cuts

By now, it is next to common knowledge that India is like a Mecca or a melting pot of smartphones. So it is not surprising at all to hear or see new smartphones being made, produced, launched and sold there periodically. Enter three new LYF phones joining the foray, plus an announcement from the brand’s company regarding price cuts for its other handsets.

Reliance Retail’s smartphone brand had just rolled out the latest of its offering which is Flame 2, Wind 4 and Water 7. These latest devices, which are supposed to be launched during the second half of March, will now be made available across retail stores within the coming days, reports Tech 2. It will be launched as part of the Holi Celebration offer of the company.

According to the company’s website, there are still limited details about these three upcoming LYF phones, however the teaser posted a “Holi inspired” page with a picture of what the phones will look like. Based on the photo, it can be seen that among the three, LYF Flame 2 will be having the smallest screen size while LYF Water 7 will have the largest one. It can also be seen that both LYF Flame 2 and LYF Water 7 have rounded edges while LYF Wind 4 has rectangular ones.

According to the Indian Express, Reliance has not given away any other information regarding the mobile devices except for LYF Wind 4 having a 4,000 mAh battery and LYF Water 7 featuring an optical fingerprint sensor. The launching of the three new units make Reliance LYF series have a total of eight mobile models. Tech 2 adds that Flame 2 is LYF’s version of an affordable VoLTE phone.

LYF has also announced there will be a price cut on its other units which include Earth 1, Water 1, Water 2, Wind 6 and Flame 1 mobile devices. LYF Earth is now down to 19,399 INR; LYF Water 1 is down to 14,599 INR; LYF Water 2 to 13,499 INR; LYF Wind 6 to 6,499 INR and LYF Flame 1 is now 5,499 INR, reports The Mobile Indian.

A Reliance Retail spokesperson said that “the Holi Celebration Offer is an appreciation of the trust and confidence that consumers have placed in LYF. We will continue to constantly delight our customers with similar novelty factors.” LYF is reportedly aiming to become a key player in the Indian smartphone market by offering cutting edge technology and a superior user experience.

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