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Lure Of ISIS: Sydney Mom Abandons Own Children To Join Syria Fight

Lure Of ISIS: Sydney Mom Abandons Own Children To Join Syria Fight
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Lure Of ISIS: Sydney Mom Abandons Own Children To Join Syria Fight

The family and friends of Jasmina Milovanov, a 26-year-old mother from Sydney, just couldn’t believe what she had done. Reports claimed Milovanov abandoned her two young children earlier this month and flew to Syria to join the Islamic State fighters.

A report by the Sydney Morning Herald states the NSW Police is currently investigating a woman who had reportedly flown overseas, but didn’t confirm if it was indeed Milovanov. A report by News Corp Australia says Milovanov left her two children in early May with a babysitter at her western Sydney. She was supposed to pick up a new car but never returned home.

She texted her Turkish-Australian ex-husband on May 3 and told him she was in “sham,” which is the Arabic slang for Syria. She added their children are well and looked after in Australia. The former husband, who was never named in reports, said he couldn’t believe she would leave their children for the ISIS.

One of Milovanov’s friends believed she had been recruited by jihadi bride recruiter Zehra Duman since they are Facebook friends. Duman was the wife of former Melbourne man Mahmoud Abdullatif, believed to have died earlier this year fighting with the Islamic State.

Milovanov’s ex-husband seemed to confirm the connection with Duman. “Before she (went) I talked to her (about her extreme Facebook posts). I said this is extreme, stupid. I was warning her about who she hang out with,” he told News Corp Australia.

In an interview with 9NEWS, Milovanov’s mother said the two children are now staying with their father. “I am shocked but now we are all trying to move along,” she said. “Of course we are all sad… don’t know what’s going on. She’s going to be in big trouble.”

Milovanov’s ex-husband described her as “an impressionable dreamer.” He thinks she wouldn’t do such extremes of leaving their children behind if not somebody had influenced her.

“She will jump. She is the type of girl that starts dreaming about something and wants to do it,” he said. “I want her to be OK. I don’t want her to be extreme about religion but that’s her choice. I don’t want her to finish her life.”

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