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‘Lumia’ Phones, ‘Surface Pro 4’ Grab Eyeballs At Windows 10 Event; ‘Microsoft Band 2’, ‘Surface Book’ Details

‘Lumia’ Phones, ‘Surface Pro 4’ Grab Eyeballs At Windows 10 Event; ‘Microsoft Band 2’, ‘Surface Book’ Details
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‘Lumia’ Phones, ‘Surface Pro 4’ Grab Eyeballs At Windows 10 Event; ‘Microsoft Band 2’, ‘Surface Book’ Details

What do you need to know about Surface Pro 4’s specs, the new Lumia phones and the MacBook Pro killer, Surface Book? Find out in this tech report.

Microsoft has launched new set of “Lumia” smartphones, its first ever laptop, a 12.3-inch tablet and an improved fitness tracker at the Windows event. Read on to know more about every product.

As expected, Microsoft has launched a number of products that run on its latest operating system, Windows 10, at its event. Here is a quick look at the devices that were shown at the event.

Surface Pro 4

This new 12.3-inch tablet from Microsoft has the potential to kill laptops. With a display of 5 million pixels, which is 267 pixels per inch, and a Skylake processor, Surface Pro 4 is all set to deliver the best performance with crisp and clear displays. Microsoft also claims that this tablet has the thinnest Gorilla Glass 4 panel ever shipped. The best parts about this tablet is its stylus Surface Pen, which has up to 1024 levels of pressure, and its battery that can last up to a year without charging.

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Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL

New smartphones that run on Windows 10 were also launched at the event: “Lumia 950” and “Lumia 950 XL“. These phones will come to the market with liquid cooling technology, a 20-megapixel primary camera, 4K video, OLED displays, 5th gen optical image stabilization and a fast-charging battery.

Panos Panay, Surface VP, during the event said, “We want to put Windows in your pocket. If you haven’t thought about these phones, wake up!”

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Surface Book: Two times faster than MacBook Pro

Microsoft launched its first-ever laptop named “Surface Book” at the Windows 10 event. With 13.5-inch screen, 6 million pixels and a multi-touch trackpad, Microsoft claims that this laptop is two times faster than Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Microsoft Band 2

Second-generation fitness tracker “Microsoft Band 2” was also launched. With Gorilla Glass display and a rubber bracelet, this band has been drastically redesigned. This advanced fitness tracker will be shipped on October 30 but is available for pre-order.

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For more updates on Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 products, detailed information about each device and reviews, keep watching this space.

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