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Lumia Phone X Leaked; Lumia 650 Not The Last Lumia Handset?

Lumia Phone X Leaked; Lumia 650 Not The Last Lumia Handset?


Lumia Phone X Leaked; Lumia 650 Not The Last Lumia Handset?

Lumia 650 isn’t the last Lumia handset. Lumia Phone X has been accidentally leaked by Microsoft China. Get more details about the Windows 10 phone here.

It has been only two days since rumors started doing the rounds that Microsft’s last Lumia handset is on its way, and it is none other than the Lumia 650. Microsoft’s plan for 2016 is to create more Surface phones. With the news of Lumia Phone X, it looks like Lumia 650 as the last Lumia handset wasn’t that true after all.

Lumia Phone X news cannot be a rumor or a hoax. Why? Because the source of the story is none other than Microsoft. When Microsoft China released a video showing how Continuum works, they said that the devices that support this feature are Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Acer Jade Primo and Lumia Phone X. As soon as Microsoft China realized their mistake, they edited the video. The part where the secret Windows 10 phone was mentioned was removed. But Weibo users quickly caught up to it and uploaded the video.

Not many details are available about Lumia Phone X. But as the video has confirmed, this Windows 10 phone will definitely be supporting Continuum. Rumors also suggest that this device will come with 4GB RAM and an Intel Atom Processor. Some stories are also suggest that two more Windows 10 phones, Lumia 750 and 850, are in the making.

Microsoft has not commented on the Lumia Phone X yet. Stay updated about what happens next, and keep watching this space for more Microsoft Lumia news.

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