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Lumia 950 Price Slashed In The UK, Discontinued Or Making Way For Surface Phone?

Lumia 950 Price Slashed In The UK, Discontinued Or Making Way For Surface Phone?
Lumia 950 from Microsoft


Lumia 950 Price Slashed In The UK, Discontinued Or Making Way For Surface Phone?

Microsoft’s Lumia 950 and 950 XL immediately shot to fame after release. Unfortunately, the fame did not reflect positively on the sales figure of the devices. The past Lumia phones can be held responsible for this. Though Lumia 950 was tried by many, not everyone decided to go for it, as it’s in the same price range phones from Samsung and Apple had entered the market. It is obvious that people would anytime pick an iPhone or any of the Samsung phone over Microsoft’s Lumia. Now the news is that Lumia 950 price has been dropped in the UK.

Lumia 950 price has been dropped to the lowest in the UK. Expansys was selling the device for £379.99 which was the lowest till the retailer decided to slash £10 further. The phone is now selling for £369.99 which is the lowest selling price till date. Is this Lumia 950 price hinting at something? Why would any retailer go on slashing the price of the devices that are in demand. We do not see the same happening for any of the iPhones. And whenever the price of any popular devices drop, the buzz begins that the company is making way for the device’s successor.

As per Neowin’s report, the black version of Lumia 950 has been “discontinued” on the Expansys’ website. The message on the website reads, “This product has been discontinued, the information below is for reference purposes only.” This can also mean that only the retailer, not the country wishes to discontinue the phone. Now the site has also put up the same notice for the white model. The retail claims that they will get the stock in a few days. If that would have been the case, like other retailers, Expansys could have just put up “Out Of Stock” notice.

Anyways, in coming days, we will come to know whether UK is preparing itself for the Surface phone by clearing the current stock ot slashing the Lumia 950 price to discontinue the sales due to low demand.

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