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Lumia 650 Skips Key Windows 10 Features; Would You Still Buy It?

Lumia 650 Skips Key Windows 10 Features; Would You Still Buy It?
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Lumia 650 Skips Key Windows 10 Features; Would You Still Buy It?

Lumia 650, the recently launched Microsoft phone, is rumored to be the last device from the Lumia series. After Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL, Microsoft had not released or even spoken about another Windows 10 phone but has suddenly launched Lumia 650, a phone that runs on the company’s latest operating system and is within the budget. But the news is that the phone has skipped some of the key Windows 10 features.

Lumia 650 has been positioned as a business phone. The specs list is also good when we look at it as a budget business phone. With 5 inch screen, this phone packs a 2000 mAh removable Li-Ion battery, along with 8MP rear and 5MP front camera. The internal memory of the Windows 10 phone is 16GB which can be expanded up to 200 GB with the help of a microSD card. As Microsoft describes it, “whether you’re choosing a phone for work or managing an IT department, you get full integration with the Microsoft apps and services that keep you productive, connected and ready for anything.

Having said that, is Lumia 650 really a phone you should buy if you are buying it for its OS, Windows 10? Being a Microsoft Lumia, it is definitely worth buying, but what you should know before investing into it is that Lumia 650 has skipped two key Windows 10 features. Which are these Windows 10 features? Biometric Authentication and Continuum Display Dock is not supported by Lumia 650.

Shocking, isn’t it? Continuum Display Dock is one of those Windows 10 features that bring the latest Lumia phones to life. It is, infact the USP of these smartphones. Without this feature, your Lumia 650 will be like any other phone. You cannot convert it into a tablet by attaching keyboard and mouse to it. Without Biometric Authentication, you will not be able to unlock your Lumia 650 with a fingerprint, face or iris. Why do you need it? As mentioned on the Windows blog, Biometric Authentication is a “technology that is much safer than traditional passwords.” Why were these Windows 10 features ignored? Because it’s a budget phone and Continuum Display Dock as well as Biometric Authentication require costly hardware. If you are planning to buy Lumia 650 just because it is a Windows 10 phone that fits in your budget, think again.

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