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Luke Cage Misty Knight: Simone Missick Talks About First Ever Black Female Superhero Role

Luke Cage Misty Knight: Simone Missick Talks About First Ever Black Female Superhero Role
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Luke Cage Misty Knight: Simone Missick Talks About First Ever Black Female Superhero Role

The show regarding the indestructible superhero, “Luke Cage“, which broke Netflix, is giving a big break to Simone Missick.

She will be playing Misty Knight, Marvel Tv’s first female superhero who’s black, and promises to set sparks flying  and kick ass, along with good examples.

Due to the ground-break release of the show, the character is expected to inspire lives over the world.

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The 34 year old, told PEOPLE in this week’s issue,“This is the first black superhero show on TV, and I play the first black female superhero in the history of Marvel comics and on television,” . On its date of release,the show crashed Netflix servers.

According to the Daily beast, the creator and showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker said that she wanted Misty to be a woman from real life; and added, “I wanted her to be assured and confident and a character that wouldn’t necessarily be self-conscious. Someone that could be a good detective but at the same time also be sensitive about what it means to be a detective in a place like Harlem”

Missick says that the feature of color has been represented  incredibly. Regarding the message of the show she says,“It feels really great to be a part of a creative that wants to tell a story, and tell it honestly, and show, ‘Okay, the bad guys aren’t all this ethnicity and the good guys aren’t all this ethnicity,’ ”  and adds, “There are different colors within all of those people.”

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In a world filled with racial bias and tension, the idea of a villain who does not have to fit in a stereotype, is a huge thing.

While commenting on the show’s main character who’s black she says,“To have the lead be this big, tall black man with a deep voice and a hoodie that people admire is a powerful image for kids growing up today where so often in the media, we’re told to fear people who are big and tall and black and have a deep voice,” .

Missick is proud to be able to rock her curls on camera ,unlike the “princess with the long, blonde hair. The actress said, “To be able to have my natural hair on TV, that will encourage so many more women who wear their hair natural who are told it’s not professional enough. I think it’s encouraging to all women to be who you are.”

She further encourages women by saying “I think people are really excited to see strong women kicking ass on TV.”

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