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Lucky Song Hye Kyo: Song Joong Ki A Real-Life Prince Charming

Lucky Song Hye Kyo: Song Joong Ki A Real-Life Prince Charming
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Drama Fever / YouTube

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Lucky Song Hye Kyo: Song Joong Ki A Real-Life Prince Charming

Here are the top 5 reasons why Song Joong Ki is the perfect boyfriend for Song Hye Kyo and a real-life Prince Charming. If you’re not a fan before, you will be now!

Even though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, there have been definite signs that Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are more than just friends. The sweet, generous and loving person that Song Joong Ki; who wouldn’t want to date him? We would, in a heartbeat, considering these reasons:

Song Joong Ki remains humble despite fame. 

Unlike many other actors who have quickly shot to fame, Song Joong Ki remains humble and down-to-earth

In a video, reports Soompi, one can see him bending down to embrace a young fan, autograph his soccer ball and even take off his bracelet and tie it around the fan’s wrist! Could he be more of a sweetheart

Song Joong Ki is an amazing friend.

Song Joong Ki is a busy man but he honestly cares about all who are close to his heart, surprising them occassionally.

He proved this by engraving Lee Kwang Soo’s name on a stone in Greece to show his brotherly affection for his “Running Man” co-star and best friend, reports International Business Times.

Song Joong Ki is shy — that cute kind of shy!

Song Joong Ki is modest and shy, and maybe that is why people can relate to him so much.

In an interview with Soompi, he mentioned that he did not think that he was like his TV show character at all: “I don’t think a guy like Yoo Si Jin exists in the world. I’m just a normal guy who is old-fashioned and a bit serious.”

That does not mean he hasn’t learned a trick or two from his onscreen persona. “I think I am a conservative, not-so-cool kind of guy. But acting out Yoon, I learned a lot about how women love to be treated.” What else does a girl need?

Song Joong Ki is not afraid to give his co-stars (i.e Song Hye Kyo) credit.

He cannot stop saying Song Hye-kyo’s name in every interview!

“I learn a lot from people like Song Hye-kyo, heroine of the ‘Descendants,’ and Lee Kwang-soo, a cast member of variety show ‘Running Man.’ They are the ones that are really hallyu stars,” said Song Joong Ki in an interview with Korea Times.

Song Joong Ki does not date and tell, and trust us, that’s so cool for a guy! 

“My dating style is not that special. But I have no plans to go public if I get into a relationship. I will do my best to preserve the emotion for the person that I like but I also want to keep it secret for that person,” said Song Joong Ki in an interview.

Song Hye-kyo sure is one lucky girl!! We like them so much together we are not even a bit jealous. What more, we believe that they will make their relationship public in a few day’s time!

According to Asia Times, Song Hye Kyo has agreed to accompany Song Joong Ki on his fan meeting in Chengdu, Sichuan on June 17!

Why did Song Joong Ki desperately want his female co-star by his side on his Chengdu fan meet? Could there be a public announcement regarding their secret relationship? We think so!

If the two actors are indeed dating, it cannot be more perfect, for Song Joong Ki has proven time and again that he is an ideal boyfriend a girl can have.

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