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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Barbara Hershey Is Ashera, God’s Wife & Lucifer’s Mom – Report

‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Barbara Hershey Is Ashera, God’s Wife & Lucifer’s Mom – Report
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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Barbara Hershey Is Ashera, God’s Wife & Lucifer’s Mom – Report

As the teaser of the “Lucifer” season finale clearly suggested, season 2 will explore the relations between Lucifer and his mother in a big way. The creators are currently on the lookout for an actress who can carry out that vital role. Can Barbara Hershey fill the shoes?

‘Lucifer’ Season 2

While the first season of “Lucifer” was all about delving into the complexities between Lucifer and his father, who is none other than God himself, season 2 will me all about Lucifer and his mother.

There is very little revealed so far about the identity of Lucifer’s mother since the creators have decided to stay hush-hush about the big reveal until the next season. Even though fans flocked to social media, they discovered little.

However, that did not keep fans from speculating. One of the possibilities is the biblical character of Goddess Asherah, described in the Bible as God’s wife who posed considerable amount of influence on God through her “sympathetic magic”, reports Movie News Guide.

Barbara Hershey, an actress who has won Golden Globes for playing leads in movies such as “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “Portrait of a Lady”, is being considered for the role of Lucifer’s mother.

According to the show creator Joe Henderson, Lucifer’s mother is supposed to be a Goddess “eternal to a certain extent” and a “stone-cold hottie”. And when it comes to casting, there is no ethnicity barrier. Her personality has to be formidable enough to play a character that scares Lucifer, who is the guardian of hell.

Henderson told TV Line in an interview:

“The biggest question is going to be, ‘Who is Mom?’ We’re excited to figure out who we’re going to cast because we think it’s going to be a big, cool, meaty role for someone. I’m excited to see who we can get and what direction we take it in, because that’s Season 2.”

Will Barbara Hershey be able to effectively play the role of Lucifer’s mother? Leave your comments below.

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