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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Plot: Lucifer And Amenadiel VS Mother And Mace – Report

‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Plot: Lucifer And Amenadiel VS Mother And Mace – Report
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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Plot: Lucifer And Amenadiel VS Mother And Mace – Report

With Lucifer’s mother escaping from hell, the final showdown of season 2 will most likely be between Lucifer and Amenadiel on one side and their mother and Mace on the other.

Very few TV shows are confident enough to end their inaugural season with a cliffhanger so big that it sets the tone for the next season. “Lucifer” season 1 made it very clear who the big bad of season 2 is going to be by the intimidating revelation that Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother had escaped hell somehow.

This major piece of information, before letting loose an array of “How’s” and “Why’s”, made the viewers aware that Lucifer had a mother (about whom he said nothing about for an entire season when he went on whining about his daddy issues) and that she was, until then, locked up in Hell for some reason.

Knowing the show’s bizarre take on the biblical story of God and Satan, the fact that God decided to lock his own wife up in a prison cell in Hell can’t be anything good, for sure.

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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers

Add on top of that the fact that Lucifer, who is scared of no one seems suddenly to be terrified to his core when he learned that his mum is now roaming free.

While the “Lucifer” season 1 was all about the two siblings, Lucifer (the naughty one) and Amenadiel (the loyal one) constantly at each other’s throat, season 2 will see them teaming up to find their presumably evil mother and take her back to Hell.

There is also the matter of who released the mother from Hell. In the trailer for season 2, Lucifer is seen suspecting that Mace had a hand to play in his mother’s release. Mace was seen getting increasingly fed up with having to babysit the two bickering brothers at the end of season 1.

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‘Lucifer’ Season 2 News

If that is indeed the case then, it might come down to Lucifer and Amenadiel versus the dreaded Mother and Mace.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a second brother is going to show up, who will be played by the actor Michael Imperioli. However, it is not yet clear what his role is going to be in the show or whose side he is going to take.

The title of the first episode of “Lucifer” Season 2 is going to be “Everything Coming Up Lucifer”, reports International Business Times and is going to air on September 19, only on FOX.

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