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Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s VP: ISIS & Russia On Top Of Agenda

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s VP: ISIS & Russia On Top Of Agenda
Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn speaks during the change of directorship for the Defense Intelligence Agency on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C., July 24, 2012. Flynn took over directorship from Army Lt. Gen. Ronald L. Burgess Jr., who had served in the position since 2009. Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo / Wikimedia Commons Public Domain


Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s VP: ISIS & Russia On Top Of Agenda

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is one of the top contenders for vice president in a potential Donald Trump White House. According to him, radical Islamists are extremely adept in conquering the continental United States.

While talking about how a radical Islamist-conquered America would look like, Flynn warns that America may be “defeated” in the end. He went on to say that the country would be “dominated,” and it will most likely be “destroyed” by Islamic militants.

It was reported by Foreign Policy that retired Flynn wrote about the issue in his new book, The Field of Fight, which was released on Tuesday.

“[T]here’s no doubt,” he added, “that they are dead set on taking us over and drinking our blood.”

The retired Lieutenant General wrote the book with co-author Michael Ledeen, an orthodox neo-conservative who voiced the need to attack Iran after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In the book, they wrote that “radical Islamists” presently in the United States are propelling to create an Islamic state “right here at home.” The duo believed that these militants would do so by establishing the legal and cultural groundwork that would create sharia. However, the idea is an echo of a commonly used — and heavily debunked — conservative point of view.

According to Fox News, Flynn believed that this election is all about national security. “[W]e’d live the way the unfortunate residents of the ‘caliphate’ or the oppressed citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran live today, in a totalitarian state under the dictates of the most rigid version of Sharia,” the book said.

The retired Lieutenant General has also been urging cooperation with Russia. He serves as a mouthpiece at the English language television channel RT, which is a Kremlin-backed channel to promote pro-Russian and pro-Vladimir Putin views.

“I really believe that the best way forward is to mutually agree that we have common interests and we’ve got to figure out how to work together to achieve those common interests,” Flynn said in an interview.

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