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Love Island 2016 Lesbian Couple: Katie Salmon & Sophie Gradon Confess Feelings

Love Island 2016 Lesbian Couple: Katie Salmon & Sophie Gradon Confess Feelings
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Love Island 2016 Lesbian Couple: Katie Salmon & Sophie Gradon Confess Feelings

Love Island 2016: sexual tension is heating up between two girls, while the men are left hanging. Is Katie and Sophie serious with each other?

At the start of Sunday night’s Love Island, viewers were treated to a mind boggling scene — Katie Salmon admitting she likes to date women! Later in the episode, it seems that she’s keen on acting on her impulses…with Sophie Gradon. Sophie seems on board with the idea too…hurting both Adam Jukes, who is still on the show, and Tom Powell, who is already evicted in the process.

“I came in here to find a man. I want to have babies with a man, I want to get married,” says Katie on the most recent episode o Love Island. However, she admitted that she experimented with women before, but none of the experiments became more serious.

As a new Islander, Katie has the opportunity to choose who she wants to date, which include Alex, Adam, and Sophie. While viewers expected her to choose any of the guys, she might choose a girl.

 Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon Serious, Adam Jukes Blindsided? 

Adam though was a strong contender, especially after Katie said so to him herself!  “I admire your confidence, that you’ve been coming up to me and trying to make an effort. I like that. You’ve never done that with any other girl, so I see that as a massive compliment,” Katie told Adam (via Radio Times).

Naturally, this made Adam very optimistic about his chances. He said he was worried when he heard Katie admitting to being attracted to women but now he feels that he’s ahead to the race.

If he only knew..

Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon Confess Sexual Attraction?

As the Islanders call it a night, Sophie and Katie have the chance to talk one-on-one and both poured their hearts out to each other!

After Sophie told Katie that she admires how laid back she is, Katie responded that she thought she was looking for man in th Island, but she is not! Sophie then had the perfect response to her, and shared that she is single!

In the Beach Hut later, Katie shared how good she felt about her conversation with Sophie:

“There is definitely a giddy feeling there between us; I think we both definitely got that. We both got on so well, and there’s a sexual attraction as well. We both definitely fancy each other. We both said that we’re each other’s type.”

Katie ended up dating Sophie and even started to question if she would want to end up with a boy. She told Sophie how stunning she is, how cute her dimples are, and how amazing her aura is. Sophie asked Katie who she feels the strongest for and Katie said it is definitely for her!

“Completely you. Honestly, I really do. How do you feel about me?” Katie said. “I’m so glad you’re here. I feel like you’re almost an angel sent into the villa at a time that I’m at my most lowest ebb,” Sophie replied.

Wow. Do we have our first lesbian couple in “Love Island 2016“?

 Tom Powell Done With Sophie Gradon?

Apart from Adam, Katie’s date with Sophie devastated Tom.Tom and Sophie were closely linked before getting evicted. He watched Sunday night’s episode and was seriously unhappy.

In a series of tweets, he lamented the fact that Katie is dating HIS girl, Sophie. He also hinted that Adam is not the only one hurting. Look at the tweets below.

It can be remembered how Sophie cried for Tom when he was evicted. Most of Tom’s followers cannot symphatized with him though, saying he had his own dalliances after being evicted.

Love Island 2016 continues on ITV2 on Saturday night at 9pm.

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