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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 5: Joseline Hernandez May Leave Show

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 5: Joseline Hernandez May Leave Show
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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 5: Joseline Hernandez May Leave Show

On Monday’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Joseline Hernandez bared her claws and showed her catty side again. “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 5 Episode 16 served a whole plate of drama and more!

Joseline Hernandez actually tossed a drink at Mimi’s face, after calling her a “fake a** b****.”

Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust always had quite a rocky relationship, but fans of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” actually believe the two has been getting along quite well on the Season 5 of this VH1 show.

Apparently, they were again fighting about Stevie J — always a sore point for these ladies. Stevie J is Mimi’s ex, and currently Joseline’s husband, although Steview J and Joseline have a rocky rleiatonship themselves.

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But then, the new incident is not that surprising either. In an Instagram post just a few weeks ago, Mimi slammed Joseline, labeling her “nut bag” after she accused Stevie J had molested their daughter Eva. Mimi posted a screen shot of a news outlet rejecting Joseline’s accusations, Mimi wrote: “At least some journalists are responsible enough to research the real story #WhenTwoNutBagsCollab.”

Mimi also went as far as call Joseline “Satan’s spawn” in an interview this month. Ouch.

Twitter users have had enough of the two bickering though. Some think Joseline Hernandez needs to humble herself. Some even said the reality star should leave the show altogether. There are those who wish Mimi Faust can hit back.

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Fans also hated the fact that just earlier this month, Joseline Hernandez lied about being pregnant. She went as far as posting a picture of a supposed baby bump! Those who are tweeting about “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” claimed that Joseline Hernandez is just a big mess this season.

Scroll to know what Twitter users are saying about Joseline Hernandez’s rude behavior on this episode!

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