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Louisiana Officer Donates Kidney To Another Officer He’s Never Met

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Louisiana Officer Donates Kidney To Another Officer He’s Never Met

One police officer went out of his way to help out a brother in blue, even if they had never met before.

When St. Tammany Parish Deputy Robert Ardeneaux heard about Jason Triche’s story, he knew he had to help. After all, Triche is also an officer and the law enforcement community takes pride in taking care of their own.

Triche was serving as a deputy for the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s office when tragedy struck. In August 2012, he and his fellow deputies walked into an ambush at a trailer park. A man fired at the officers with an assault rifle, leading to the deaths of two of the officers on the scene. In the same incident, Triche ended up severely wounded after sustaining a bullet wound. “It hit me like a truck,” Triche recalled.

Despite his injuries, Triche managed to drag himself back into his patrol car and drive himself to the hospital. Once he got there, the doctors’ initial prognosis was grim. They had thought the 35-year-old father would not survive much longer. Triche remained in a coma for an entire month. He would only learn that two of his fellow officers died after he woke up.

Triche faced a long road to recovery after coming out of a coma.

Just because Triche got out of comma, however, does not mean that the worst is over. Over the course of four years, Triche found himself in and out of various surgeries just to repair the damage and infection that the bullet has done to his body. The doctors also told Triche that he would need a new kidney. To survive, Triche relied on dialysis. He needed the procedure three days a week. Each time, it would leave him “nauseated, run down and with no energy.”

Ardeaneaux learned of Triche’s struggles through Facebook.

Triche’s struggles after getting shot was soon detailed on a Facebook. That is how Ardeneaux found out about him. Immediately, the officer was touched. “I’d never met him, but his story resonated with me.”

Ardeneaux himself is a father. He is also the same age as Triche so Ardeneaux could very much relate with him. That is why he decided to help out by donating his own kidney. According to the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office, Ardeneaux turned out to be a match. The transplant took place at the Oschner Multi-Organ Transplant Institute in July 2016.

Several months later, Deputy Triche has progressed enough in his recovery to be able to return to work. “It’s hard to believe it’s almost five years since the shooting. It’s been a long, hard road, and I’m excited to be back at the sheriff’s office,” Triche said in a statement. Meanwhile, Ardeneaux insists that what he did was really nothing special. ” I just gave the man a fighting chance at life. There’s nothing more satisfying than that,” he told People.

Needless to say, the two men had formed a bond for life. In fact, Triche says they’re “friends, almost like brothers.”

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