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Louis Tomlinson On ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016: Golden Buzzer Winner Jayna Brown, Facts To Know

Louis Tomlinson On ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016: Golden Buzzer Winner Jayna Brown, Facts To Know
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Louis Tomlinson On ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016: Golden Buzzer Winner Jayna Brown, Facts To Know

On episode 4 of “America’s Got Talent” 2016 Judge Cuts, Jayna Brown became the Golden Buzzer winner with her rendition of Andra Bay’s “Rise Up.”

Though Jayna could barely keep her nerves in check as she walked out to perform in front of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, who had come as a guest judge on the show, she delivered a flawless performance.

14-year old Jayna could not keep her hands steady as she held the mike. However, as soon as the music was cued in, all nervous energy left her body and she rose up to the occasion, which was all the more fitting due to her choice of song.

Jayna had mentioned how she gets transformed into her alter ego, “Miss J”, who is calm and confident, the moment she starts singing, reports

‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016 Golden Buzzer

The audience and the judges gave her a standing ovation and Louis couldn’t help himself but press the Golden Buzzer after he termed her performance as “infectious,” reports Just Jared.

What many might not know is the fact that Jayna Brown became a musical sensation on YouTube at the age of 11! A video in which she sings “Take Me to the King” has already gathered over 4 million views.

However, performing in front of a camera is very different than performing Live on stage, facing an audience. This is why Jayna did not have the guts to follow through, when the team from “America’s Got Talent” “called her often” to audition for the past couple of years, reports 2 Paragraphs.

America’s Got Talent 2016 Judge Cuts

After gaining considerable experience of doing Live shows, as she got offered several gigs at small festivals. She splits her time between Virginia and Maryland as and where her talent takes her.

She hasn’t had a stable home for years now, is homeschooled, and keeps traveling to meet her performance commitments reports Radio TV Talk. So how has life changed after she got four “yes”s from the “America’s Got Talent” judges in the auditions?

“It’s definitely a big stage. The more people see me, the more they’ll want to look me up. A lot of people have complimented me on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve gotten a ton of new followers. It’s been a cool experience,” said Jayna.

Check Out how Jayna Brown wins the Golden Buzzer below!

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