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Louis CK’s SNL Monologue On Child Abuse And Racism Receives Criticism

Louis CK’s SNL Monologue On Child Abuse And Racism Receives Criticism
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Louis CK’s SNL Monologue On Child Abuse And Racism Receives Criticism

Louis CK (real name Louis Székely) upset a lot of people after he delivered a monologue that joked about child abuse and racism among other things during his stand up act on the season 40 finale of Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The award-winning comedian spoke about his childhood growing up in the 1970’s. He said that people did not decry usage of racist language back then. He then went on to talk about the subject of child molesters, saying that a child molester living down the street did not upset most people at the time.

He referred to child molesters as “very tenacious people” and said that molesting must “be amazing” if they don’t mind getting busted repeatedly.

“From their point of view, it must be amazing for them to risk so much!”

He compared molestation to his love for Mound Candy Bars, saying, “They do taste delicious, but they don’t taste as good as a young boy does, and shouldn’t, to a child molester.”

He then went on to add, “It’s so crazy because when you consider the risk in being a child molester – speaking not of even the damage you’re doing, but the risk – there’s no worse life available to a human than being a caught child molester.

“Yet they still do it. Which you can only really surmise that it must be really good, from their point of view. It must be amazing for them to risk so much.”

Some people found CK’s act offensive and condemned it on Twitter.

However, the others said that people who were offended had “no sense of humor.”

According to The Wrap, Louis said that because of his sexually suggestive act, he was probably hosting SNL for the last time.

In one of the sketches, Louis was an employee of Sprint who ridiculed how his manager, a stereotypical sassy black individual, talked. When he was caught, he pretended that it was his real accent; as a result of which, he had to keep up with it for five years.

Chris Kattan, who previously played several characters on SNL, said, “When I did African-American voice they said ‘too offensive.’ Now I’m confused.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kattan was best known for the recurring sketch, The Roxbury Guys, where he partnered with Will Ferrell. The act also included a third member, played by whoever was hosting the show that week.

However, CK’s performance at the season 40 finale of the show isn’t the first to have stirred up controversy. Martin Lawrence’s monologue from 1994, which included mocking censors and riffing on Lorena Bobbitt, was perceived so offensive that it was not shown again.


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