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Lost MH370 Update: Search Area Modified

Lost MH370 Update: Search Area Modified
MH370 Angel Ganev /Flickr CC BY 2.0


Lost MH370 Update: Search Area Modified

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau or ATSB, the agency leading the underwater search for the lost MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean, has expanded the search area to 120,000 square kilometers. It is now impossible to refine the search area beyond this due to the risk brought by the winter season, ATSB said.

Underwater search for lost MH370

The search area could only be expanded twice in order for the search operations to continue even with the challenging weather conditions brought by the winter season. Experts said that only the entire 120,000 square kilometer area is feasible to search as quickly and effectively as possible considering the risk brought by the weather condition.

“Expert advice is that the highest probability of locating the aircraft is within the 120,000 square kilometre search area. Beyond that, it is not possible to refine the search area to one of greater likelihood,” ATSB said in its announcement.

MH370 theft sentenced to whipping and tongue-lashing

Meanwhile, Basheer Ahmad Maula Sahul Hameed, the thief who made illegal transfers and fraudulent transactions to the bank accounts of four passengers missing with MH370, is sentenced to whipping by rattan, tongue-lashing and four years in prison. Judge Norsharidah Awang said his crime is despicable and disgusting, Malaysia’s The Star Online reported.

“You were willing to steal from the MH370 victims,” the judge said. A lawyer for one of the victims said the theft’s crime brought further pain to the families “who were already grieving over the loss of their loved ones.”


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