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Lakers Rumors: Luke Walton Will Snatch Steph Curry From Golden State Warriors

Lakers Rumors: Luke Walton Will Snatch Steph Curry From Golden State Warriors
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Lakers Rumors: Luke Walton Will Snatch Steph Curry From Golden State Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to make big moves next summer in the hope of finally becoming a title contender again. Is Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry a realistic target for the Lakers?

Curry will become a free agent next summer and will have the opportunity to sign elsewhere. While Curry leaving Golden State is a long shot, recent rumors and speculation suggested that it is not impossible.

NBA analyst Ric Bucher said last month that several teams, particularly the San Antonio Spurs, will make a strong push to sign Curry next summer. It is not considered impossible, especially if the Kevin Durant experiment at the Bay Area does not yield good results in the upcoming season.

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Interested teams are expected to reach out to Curry, using Durant’s arrival as a selling point. Title contenders will likely say that the two-time Most Valuable Player has a better future elsewhere because Durant is already in Oakland.

Fans might wonder, the Spurs could land Curry because they are perennial title contenders. How come the Lakers have a chance, knowing that they failed to make the playoffs over the past three seasons?

Luke Walton As Main Recruiter, Young Core As Selling Point

The Lakers hired Luke Walton as their head coach this summer. The rookie coach could eventually convince Curry to take over in Los Angeles. It is a well-known fact that Curry did enjoy playing under Walton early last season when Steve Kerr was still recovering from a back injury.

Los Angeles also have one of the most promising rosters in the league. They have Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle, who are expected to mature further. The Lakers also drafted Brandon Ingram and Ivica Zubac this year, and both have also shown strong potential.

Adding Curry could work wonders for the Lakers and their young guns. However, it could also mean that either Clarkson or Russell has to go, probably via trade for a starting center. To lessen the impact of losing either one of the young guards, Hoops Habit recently pointed out that the Lakers should also sign Warriors veteran Shaun Livingston.

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