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London’s Kennington Underwater

London’s Kennington Underwater
Kennington Sky Dan Taylor / Flickr CC BY 2.0


London’s Kennington Underwater

A water main burst in Kennington on Monday morning, triggering floods, road closures and transport chaos.

The Independent reports that a burst water main on Kennington Park Road resulted in the flood half-a-meter deep. The rising waters managed to get inside properties, prompting members of the London Fire Brigade to pile up hundreds of sandbags to prevent further flooding. At least 10 fire engines responded to calls to pump water off the homes.

Thames Water apologized to the public for the inconvenience. It also said in a statement that its engineers have successfully stopped the flow of water. As such, floodwaters have started subsiding.

“Our focus right now is to work as fast as we can to help customers affected by flooding, assess the damage to the pipe, and return water supplies in the area back to normal,” the water utility added.

Southbank Center announced on Twitter it will close temporarily to address problems posed to its water supply brought by the floods.

“You could see water gushing and bubbling like there was a fountain,” Shaun Mooney told the Evening Standard. “There was a whirlpool where they must have opened up the drain and all the water was draining away like a bathtub. It was crazy.”


Mooney described the flooding similar to a river bursting its banks. “It was from pavement to pavement and at some points it was overlapping the pavement.”

Twitter users took to social media to share their experiences.

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