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London Police to Get iPads to fight crime

London Police to Get iPads to fight crime


London Police to Get iPads to fight crime

London coppers are about to be equipped with crime investigation tools, Apple’s iPad mini that will aid in capturing the criminals efficiently. Richard Thwalte, the force’s head flack told while intervening with the Financial Times that he wants his men to be fighting in the field rather than sitting in the police stations with tapping the keyboard all the times. Even if there are Starbucks in detail, then at least they are present there, accessible, and visible, and reassuring to the public.

The reassurance program will start with the trial program of the 600 of crime combating fondlelabs being handed over to the officers of the London borough of Fulham and Hammersmith, whose first apart is announced to be of £200 million that will include supplying nearly 15000 tablets to the coppers.

The iPads will be provided with great apps that are made by the force, and will provide the Police with interesting features like recording crimes and statement by the witnesses, recent crime victims, location-based tracking of criminals, the direction towards the nearest emergency of hospitals although you might expect this information to be known by the policemen already.

Officers will even have the facility of ordering new uniforms for their job. According to Met, the technological development will result in saving almost 30% of the current IT expenditures, however FT points out that the similar programs have not attracted many people. It has been observed that instead of hanging out in Star Bucks, the reports concluded that the officers were spending more time in their offices rather than going into the field.

Thwalte is quite angry with the program though. This program enables the tablets to gather data of rimes throughout the London. These statistics will be quite useful in making “anticipative” crimes for the future maps. The success of this program can easily be judged by considering the reduction in crime rate by almost 12% in Los Angeles. However, in the neighborhood where traditional policies were used, the police didn’t gain much advantage as it observed increase by 0.5%.

In order to find such iPads be able to reduce the crime rate in London, only time will tell. The productivity at work might decrease since the police will be keen on using their mobile phones and iPads instead of doing field visits. Hopefully, it will help in reducing the crime rate to an extent.

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