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Loma Fire Map: Marijuana Operation Investigated

Loma Fire Map: Marijuana Operation Investigated
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Loma Fire Map: Marijuana Operation Investigated

The Loma Fire in Santa Clara County has burned through an excess of 2,000 acres after starting close to Morgan Hill, near the peak of Loma Prieta.

In addition to burning through thousands of acres of land, the fire also destroyed at least one home and forced evacuations.

Loma Fire: Neighbors worried about illegal marijuana grows in the area

Marijuana grows on the same mountain are being investigated by the I-Team. The neighbors informed the I-Team about marijuana grows in August, which was when the investigation started. According to ABC 7 News, the neighbors felt “they felt under siege by what they suspected are illegal marijuana grows” and were afraid about a possible fire the operations might cause.

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Mercury News reports that, because of more firefighters deployed, the Loma Fire had slowed down considerably on Wednesday. “Even though we had high temperatures, we’ve had marine layer recovery every night, and we’ve had light winds, which have been key,” Cal Fire spokeswoman Pam Temmermand said.

Nevertheless, winds in the area reaching as high as 35 miles per hour between Thursday morning and Friday afternoon could present difficulties for firefighters.

Loma Fire: Temperature in fire zone recorded in low 80s

As of Wednesday night, the fire had been 22 percent contained after burning through 2,865 acres. In comparison, as of Tuesday, it had more than doubled in size because of low humidity and temperatures reaching as high as 100 degrees. On Wednesday, the temperature in the fire zone was recorded in the low 80s.

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UPS driver Carlos Canche captured a video of the fire just getting started and posted it on social media. This video was used by a source familiar with the I-Team’s investigation to identify the instigation point of the fire, which is believed to have started in an area near Loma Chiquita Road in Los Gatos. This spot, according to the neighbors, was where marijuana was being grown illegally.

Sources familiar with the Cal Fire investigation have said the spot could contain a suspected illegal pot farm and a possible meth lab in addition to a marijuana grow.

Cal Fire is investigating how the fire started.

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