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Living In Canada Is Healthier Than Living With Trump, Study

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Living In Canada Is Healthier Than Living With Trump, Study

Yes, the experts agree. Making a move from Donald Trump’s U.S. to Justin Trudeau’s Canada would be very good for you.

Immigrants from the US would live longer in Canada.

In fact, if you decide to move to Canada, you may experience an increase in life expectancy. According to a study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto, immigrants to Canada are 60 percent more likely to live longer than those born there. Past research has shown that immigrants had 42,700 fewer deaths than Canadian natives.

The reason behind this has absolutely nothing to do with Trump, according to a report from Newsweek. In fact, getting away from his politics is not a contributing factor in making you live longer. Instead, the Canadian government refers to this as the “healthy immigrant effect.”

In other words, an immigrant’s health is generally better than those born in Canada. Although the relationship between immigration and health is complex, the Canadian government has managed to form a relationship between the two by taking people’s age-standardized mortality rate (ASMR) per 100,000 person-years at risk. Typically, the lower the number, the better.

According to the findings, the ASMR Canada natives are relatively higher than those for immigrants from the U.S. In fact, male U.S. immigrants have an ASMR of 1,112 compared to Canadian males ASMR of 1,230. On the other hand, female immigrants from the U.S. have a low ASMR of 699. Women born in Canada have an ASMR of 703.

Trudeau reiterates that Canada welcomes diversity.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated Canada’s stance on immigration and refugees recently. “We recognize diversity as a great source of strength,” Trudeau said in a recent interview with NBC News.

Trudeau had recently made an appearance on Broadway where he introduced the musical “Come From Away.” Also in attendance during the event was first daughter Ivanka Trump, who sat with Trudeau and his wife. During the interview, Trudeau took the opportunity to address the opposing stance between the U.S. and Canada when it comes to immigration and refugees. Trudeau simply said, “We’ll agree to disagree on certain things.”

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