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Live Video Steaming App to be Introduced by BitTorrent Soon

Live Video Steaming App to be Introduced by BitTorrent Soon


Live Video Steaming App to be Introduced by BitTorrent Soon

Are you looking for video streaming on your BitTorrent client? You will soon be able to stream videos on your smartphone using BitTorrent client.

Last year, BitTorrent Live was launched as a method for broadcasting and streaming live video for free. Instead of being dependent on servers of a single company to record a video and playing it back for the users.

BitTorrent client is a peer to peer application for live streaming. It broadcasts its video for some users who watch the video online and become themselves the source of the video for even more clients. This app has been introduced for Desktop PCs. However the BitTorrent client says that a mobile app will be introduced later this year also. However, it is not clear about the platform on which it will make the debut. It is not yet finalized whether the app will allow broadcasting or viewing or both features.

BitTorrent Live still remains in Beta version, although the company claims it to be matured over the past year. The upcoming app will be introduced in an unfinished date, an alpha version according to BitTorrent. It is expected that lack of polish will be there in the developing protocol and not in the app itself. When it was tried initially last year, the dependence of protocol on distributed network was quite problematic. When there were only a few users, the video streaming would be either slow or interrupted. At the moment, it appears to have sorted some of the problems and is now performing quite better, at least on officially featured video streams.

For individual who are using BitTorrent that broadcasts the live video streaming for free, there is no visible advantage. However, for broadcasters who want to provide an inexpensive way of streaming the content, and to earn rewards while doing it, BitTorrent seems to be expecting that the live video streaming would be a better option.

Last year in March 2013, BitTorrent introduced the live P2P streaming protocol as a beta experiment that included the motto, “Live Streaming by the people for the people”. It is made to annihilate the obstructions such as cost, bandwidth, infrastructure, and actually becomes tougher as more people are using it. With the shipments of Smartphones on the rise, a solution released for the mobiles makes much sense as a first test for the protocol.

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