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These Are The ‘Healthiest’ Cities In The US

These Are The ‘Healthiest’ Cities In The US
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These Are The ‘Healthiest’ Cities In The US

For three consecutive years, Washington D.C. remains the fittest city in the United States, according to the 2016 report of the American Fitness Index.

The report, which takes into account various aspects of fitness, ranks cities according to residents’ perception of factors and on various health indexes. These include mental health, mortality rate, and diet, among others. Apart from that, availability and access to other health-related services and facilities were also taken into account.

Washington As Healthiest

This year’s healthiest city, Washington D.C, was selected based on its low smoking rate, high activity level, and accessibility of various health-related services and facilities for residents. Mental health issues were also considered. The list was developed by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Minneapolis-St. Paul trailed behind Washington D.C., while Denver occupied the third spot. Portland in Oregon, meanwhile, came fourth, and San Francisco came fifth.

Rounding up the top ten list are Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA (6th); Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH (7th); Salt Lake City, UT (8th); Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT (9th); and San Diego-Carlsbad, CA (10th).

Indianapolis Is Last

Indianapolis came last with its low activity levels coupled with high smoking rates. High level of chronic diseases and even mental health issues were observed in the Indiana city, the report noted. According to the report, around 60 percent of the metropolitan areas have shown an improvement in their ranking relative to last year’s result.

“We’re also very excited that Cincinnati, Ohio ranked number one in the community/environmental category just two years after implementing a customized strategic plan designed by ACSM based on the AFI report for that MSA. These success stories demonstrate our mutual commitment to enhance the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities,” says Dr. Craig Samitt, Chief Clinical Office of Anthem Inc., in the report.

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