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Live Baby Mice Appetizer, Best With Soy Sauce: Facts To Know

Live Baby Mice Appetizer, Best With Soy Sauce: Facts To Know


Live Baby Mice Appetizer, Best With Soy Sauce: Facts To Know

Editor’s note: You are viewing Morning News USA’s Debunked section. This section contains news that we have investigated and uncovered to be fake news, satire news, hoaxes and urban legends.

The Chinese have given so much to the world when it comes to culinary delicacies; they are back again, this time with yet another appetizer-esque dish which they proudly call the ‘San Zhi Er’. The palate comes all the way from China’s famous Guangdong Province, and has rose to popularity over the years.

A video showing a man eating new born mice has become viral in early October. Served with basil leaves, dipped in a brown sauce before being devoured, the video ( see below) posted by Animal Liberation Rights have already garnered 15 million views with more views piling up by the minute.

In the video, the man is using chopsticks to put baby mice on his plate. He was choosing them from a container of  what could be estimated as thousands of moving, wriggling baby mice.

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As he grabs the poor animals with the chopsticks, they squeak. He then dips the baby mice into the soy sauce and they squeak again. As he munches on the live baby mice they squeak again. With this three squeaks, the dish is popularly known as Three Squeaks.

While the video uploaded by Animal Liberation Rights has now become viral, reports about Three Squeaks are not actually new.

A report from the Daily Mail in 2015 had already featured the appetizer. A video had also went viral in 2013 showing a guy eating live newborn mice dipped in soy sauce, munching to his heart’s content.

This dish can, in fact, be a legendary one because people have suggested the palate to be an exotic one, alongside expressing their displeasure for not having the recipe served at restaurants.

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Culinary School probably has the best description about this obdurate Chinese dinner.

“The dish involves eating newly born mice (still hairless and barely able to open their eyes). It is typically served with some type of cold soy based sauce. The first squeak is when the mouse/rat is picked up with the chopsticks. The second is when the mouse/rat is dipped into the sauce (temperature change causing the squeak). The third is when the mouse/rat is placed into your mouth (another temperature change).”

According to the website, the mice are very newborn, which facilitates the diner to chew the uncooked rodent babies with ease, because their bone structure is still fairly loose.

Rumors are that the dish has been in circulation for over a decade by now, and was initially wrapped in seaweed and served.

People commenting on the Culinary School website floated the idea that Three Squeaks may just be an urban legend. Indeed, in an October report from Snopes, the website ruled ‘Three Squeaks’ as purely urban legend.

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