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Little Girl Writes Letter To People Affected By West Virginia Flooding

Little Girl Writes Letter To People Affected By West Virginia Flooding

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Little Girl Writes Letter To People Affected By West Virginia Flooding

A sliver of hope in the form of a little girl’s letter and a Facebook campaign have arrived for the residents of West Virginia affected by the disastrous floods that struck the state last week.

When James Phillips’ daughter learned of the floods that took as many as 23 lives in West Virginia, she wanted to express her support in the form of a letter.

“Last night while my wife and I were cooking supper, we missed our daughter. When we found her in the den she was busy writing a letter,” Phillips wrote on Facebook group, Appalachian Americans. When he asked what she was doing, she said she was writing a letter to the residents of West Virginia coping in the aftermath of the flooding. She asked her father if he could post the letter on Facebook “to let them know she was thinking and praying for them.”

“Dear West Virginia families,” the letter, which was posted on June 26 and has since received almost 3,000 shares, reads, “I am so sorry about the flooding. Alot (sic) of my family lives there but of what I know they are all fine. I hope you are also doing fine. Try to stay safe please. I saw a picture of Muddy Creek and some of the driveways and road was all washed out. I hope you are doing well and again please stay safe.”

Support is also being shown through a local Facebook campaign. “I am Richwood” is a Facebook group that was created by local resident Jeromy Rose. With its aim to help the people and coordinate relief efforts locally, it has amassed in excess of 2,800 members.

“Richwood looks like a war zone,” Stacy Raffo, a resident of Richwood, said, as reported by ABC News. “But everywhere you look, you see people helping out.”

Raffo is the executive director of a charity organisation, the Nicholas County Community Foundation, which has raised nearly $59,000.

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