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This Little Boy Just Treated An Officer To Breakfast

This Little Boy Just Treated An Officer To Breakfast

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This Little Boy Just Treated An Officer To Breakfast

One little boy has decided he wanted to treat a police officer to breakfast to show him how much he appreciates their service.

Noah Cantin was enjoying breakfast with his mom Amanda at Denny’s in Lakeland, Florida one Saturday morning. It was “Bring Your Child to Work Day” and the mother and son were enjoying their meal when Noah noticed someone.

“He says mom there’s a police officer down there, I said yeah I know I seen him when I walked in!” Amanda told Noah was excited to say hi to the officer in the restaurant, but he was also a bit nervous. In fact, as he got closer to Lakeland Police Officer Eddie Benitez, he did not quite know what to say.

“I was there eating my breakfast and all of a sudden, I see this little gentleman walking towards me,” Officer Benitez recalled. After Noah saw the officer, he then turned to his mom and asked if he could do something nice for the officer.

Noah paid for Officer’s breakfast without him knowing.

“And he’s like I know what to do and I’m like what? And he goes can I pay for his breakfast? And I said absolutely!” Amanda recalled. It turns out that Noah was turning nine soon and he already had his birthday money with him. For Noah, nothing would make him happier than to spend it in order to treat Officer Benitez to breakfast.

And so, Noah went ahead and picked up the tab for Officer Benitez’s Grand Slam breakfast and coffee. The bill had amounted to $7.63. After Noah paid for the officer’s bill, he decided to write a note before surprising him with the receipt. “I helped him spell it,” Amanda remarked. The top part of the receipt read, “I want to be you when I grow up.” Meanwhile, at the bottom, Noah wrote, “Thank you for your service – Noah Smiling.”

After he’s done writing the dedication, Noah proceeded to present Officer Benitez with the receipt. The entire time, the officer had no idea what was happening. “He didn’t understand why this little boy was walking down there with his tab. His face was very shocked,” Amanda recalled. According to Officer Benitez, what Noah had done simply touched him. “Like I said, it just made my day,” the officer told 10 News.

Meanwhile, Lakeland Police Department also praised Noah for his good deed. “Well Noah you touched all of our hearts today. Your support means so much to all of the men and women who put on the uniform every day,” the department said in their post. They also sent Noah their birthday greetings. “We wish you the happiest of Birthdays!” the department added.

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