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Lisa Vaughn: Irritated Day Care Worker Rips Hair From 1-year-old – Report

Lisa Vaughn: Irritated Day Care Worker Rips Hair From 1-year-old – Report
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Lisa Vaughn: Irritated Day Care Worker Rips Hair From 1-year-old – Report

An employee of a day care center in DC was charged with abusing a child after she allegedly ripped out a chunk of hair from a one-year-old child’s head.

The arrest of Lisa Vaughn, who works at the Kids Are Us Learning day care center, came Wednesday. The child, Demarco, had come home with a bald spot on his head the day before. On Wednesday, the parents of the child, Daizha Rosser and Lawrence McEachin, got into an argument with the staff at the day care center, which prompted the police to respond.

Vaughn faces one felony count of second-degree cruelty to children. She was released pending a preliminary hearing on July 16, as reported by the Washington Post. She was also ordered not to be around the child, the parents, or any center or facility where children are supervised.

“It was disturbing, like, all I could do was get upset and just cry,” Rosser said.

“Her excuse was she was irritated. Your job is to watch kids. Kids will irritate you. He irritates me, but you’re not going to see me – I’m not going to do nothing of that nature,” McEachin said.

The parents had demanded to see the surveillance video. According to the arrest affidavit filed in DC Superior Court, the video showed Vaughn “pulling [Demarco’s] braid out of his head and tossing it on the floor.” During questioning, Vaughn admitted to the police that she ripped a lock of hair from Demarco’s head.

“I’m pressing charges. That’s for one. And she should be locked up because it’s crazy,” Rosser said, as reported by NBC Washington. “They’re kids. Your supposed to watch them and monitor them and care for them like they’re your own, not hurt them, and that’s basically what they did. They hurt my son.”

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