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Worms Allegedly Found In Lipton Tea Bags

Worms Allegedly Found In Lipton Tea Bags
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Worms Allegedly Found In Lipton Tea Bags

Lipton Tea wants to make one thing clear. Their tea bags absolutely don’t contain any worms. It’s all tea leaves and sometimes, lemon.

The worm controversy started when Ismat Raza from Pakistan posted a video about an intriguing box of Lipton Tea bags last February 20. She urged everyone to check their tea bags and even declared she is “feeling disgusted’ by her find.

On the video, she showed viewers that she opened a new tea bag by removing the stapler on top and emptying all of its contents an to a flat white surface. She said she had found out about the issue two days ago and she’s been trying to see if all the tea bags in her box of Lipton Greentea Lemon flavor are affected. As she went through the contents of the tea bag she just broke open, she ran her hands along the tea leaves and continued to pick out small pale, long bits that she described to be “living worms.”

In response, Lipton also took to Facebook to show that what Raza found are, in fact, not worms at all. Rather, they are said to be “small lemon flavor pieces.” As proof, Lipton even posted a video of their own. Here, they also opened a few Lipton Greentea Lemon flavor tea bags and segregated the lemon pieces that were mistaken for worms. They then placed it in a mug and poured hot water on it. The pieces dissolved almost easily. Furthermore, Lipton says, “The tea is of the highest quality standard and is absolutely safe to consume.”

It is not known whether Raza has now changed her opinion of the said Lipton tea with lemon flavor. It is also unclear is she will try to drink this tea again. Although a few days after she posted the video, Raza commented that the worms are actually “innocent” and “cause no harm.” So far, her video has garnered more than 8 million views.

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