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Linkin Park Chester Bennington Commits Suicide

Linkin Park Chester Bennington Commits Suicide
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Linkin Park Chester Bennington Commits Suicide

Fans of Linkin Park were devastated to find out that Chester Bennington, the band’s lead singer, committed suicide at the age of 41. Linkin Park was a band that spoke to many youths back in the 90’s, so the fact that it’s frontman is gone after seven successful albums is truly devastating. Bennington’s voice was a rare one that could mix screeching hard rock with a softer ballad style, so he will definitely be missed in the music community.

The cause of death was suicide by hanging, which is eerily similar to the way Chris Cornell committed the act a few months ago. Bennington and Cornell were friends, so the fact that their suicides weren’t too far apart is beyond tragic, especially for their families. A number of tributes have been made by several musicians according to MTV, including Rihanna, Imagine Dragons, Chance the Rapper and much more.

One controversial “tribute” came from Brian Head Welch, who posted the following on his Facebook:

“Honestly, Chester’s an old friend who we’ve hung with many times, and I have friends who are extremely close to him, but this is truly pissing me off! How can these guys send this message to their kids and fans?! I’m sick of this suicide shit! I’ve battled depression/mental illness, and I’m trying to be sempethetic, but it’s hard when you’re pissed! Enough is enough! Giving up on your kids, fans, and life is the cowardly way out!!!

I’m sorry, I know meds and/or alcohol may have been involved, I’m just processing like all of us and I know we are all having some of the same thoughts/feelings.

Lord, take Chester in your arms and please re-unite him with his family and all of us one day. Be with his wife and kids with your grace during this difficult time.”

A short and sad post comes from Mike Shinoda, the rapper of Linkin Park, who said this on Twitter: “Shocked and heartbroken, but it’s true.  An official statement will come out as soon as we have one.”

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