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LinkedIn To Launch Publishing Platform For Everyone

LinkedIn To Launch Publishing Platform For Everyone


LinkedIn To Launch Publishing Platform For Everyone

The business-focused social network, LinkedIn has taken some initiatives to allow the users to write big articles and share useful posts using its services as a blogging platform.

Although, the publishing platform was there since 2012, yet it was restricted to active politicians and entrepreneurs, for example Richard Branson (Virgin Group Founder), President Barrack Obama, and Huffington Post founder, Ariana Huffington.

While the number of influencers has grown slowly and steadily, the high number of LinkedIn users doesn’t have any idea how to express their views and thoughts in the format similar to that of the blogging posts. Anyone can post a quick update, but doesn’t find the time to write an essay or article for pursuing the social network as a blogging platform.

LinkedIn has decided to open the Influencers initiative for the masses. The publishing platform is freely available for all users now to show their talents and skills in this field. The company has restricted the access to first 25000 users that will be relaxed further in the future.

Now, the users might be wondering about the reason of opening the platform of social network for blogging openly for plethora of users. The reason is very simple behind that. The greater the number of posts on LinkedIn, the more the traffic will be on its pages, and hence the larger will be the popularity. With the aid of the blogging platform, the users will be able to get the knowledge of business that will be useful for them in the future in establishing their own business ventures.

LinkedIn is offering great fascination for its users. The company is luring the people to visit the site for some time in the morning, to make your experience of job better today.

Previously, LinkedIn was used just for finding the jobs or some related information. The users of LinkedIn are not frequent to using it. The company has taken notice in this regard to provide incentives to 277 million users to visit the social network for at least some time in the day. It provides the great publishing tool that aids in spreading the word of business to general users. It also aims at making people aware about the nature of entrepreneurship. The blogging will attract more people to the platform with more chances of capturing the attention of professional writers.

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