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LinkedIn Rolls Out Two New Mobile Features

LinkedIn Rolls Out Two New Mobile Features


LinkedIn Rolls Out Two New Mobile Features

LinkedIn Rolls Out Two New Mobile FeaturesLinkedIn has unveiled a couple of new mobile recruitment products as it pushes into bringing its Website and services to popular devices. The two new mobile apps are aimed at talent seekers and recruitment managers who comprise the biggest part of the professional social network’s business.

This initiative could be an indication that the company is recognizing the potential of mobile operations. It is estimated that up to 33% of its 230 million regular visitors and members visit the Website through their mobile devices. This figure has increased drastically through the years. Thus, many analysts think that LinkedIn wants to keep its recruiting business more profitable.

The two new mobile apps from LinkedIn are ‘LinkedIn Recruiter’ and ‘Mobile Work With Us.’ Obviously, each of the apps is aimed at different sets of users/members. The first is targeting recruiters and hiring managers, while the latter is aimed at job hunters.

The launch of the mobile features does not mean that LinkedIn is prioritizing those over desktop operations. Just last April, the company made a makeover to its desktop app Recruiter. Now, the company aims to make the experience equally productive and ideal for mobile users who access LinkedIn via handsets, particularly iPhones.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is logically the mobile version of most of the company’s recruiter tools that are offered on desktop. LinkedIn seems determined to provide mobile services to recruiters. Hiring managers are assisted in keeping track, taking notes, and reaching out to numerous prospective job candidates using their mobile phones.

This app is based on the obvious premise that recruiters could be attached to mobile devices like job seekers. It sprang from a long process of development by the company’s mobile designers. This new app is available in Apple Inc’s App Store.

Mobile Work With Us

The second mobile app is an ad-like feature that helps employers post job openings on their employees’ profiles. This is a strategy to reach out to more prospective candidates and lure them. In a nutshell, it is like using existing LinkedIn profiles to reach other users within and outside the social network.

The app could be based on LinkedIn’s premise that many of its members tend to spend more time checking out other users’ profiles. This feature could make it much easier for more prospective candidates to discover advertised job postings. It would surely be useful enough for job hunters.

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