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LinkedIn Ends ‘Intro’ Email App on March 7

LinkedIn Ends ‘Intro’ Email App on March 7


LinkedIn Ends ‘Intro’ Email App on March 7

LinkedIn is set to put an end to its iOS email app called ‘Intro,’ which was rolled out just last October. According to the social networking site for professionals, this decision was prompted by the company’s shift in focus towards long-term projects that will result in elimination of less impactful and smaller endeavors.

However, senior vice president of products and user experience Deep Nishar assured that the company would continuously bring power to wherever its members work. In a recent blog post, Mr. Nishar said such efforts include continued use of Rapportive, which is a Gmail overlay showing contacts’ LinkedIn profiles within users’ inbox.

 ‘Intro’ email app

‘Intro’ was initially targeted on Apple Inc’s client base. It included a unique abbreviated profile bar showing senders’ photo and their brief professional biography. By tapping into the contact entry, a user could open a comprehensive profile of another user, which includes employment history, personal connections, and other users’ recommendations.

The service supported popular Webmail programs like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Apps, AOL Mail, and of course iCloud. Before news about its demise came, there were reports that an Android version was being developed.

‘Intro’ was originally intended to facilitate a simple and effective way to determine spam from real potential professional or business connections. But since there have been questionable security methods involved, it was not spared from bad publicity.

LinkedIn’s other features to be axed

It turned out that LinkedIn is about to get even busier using its chopping board. Aside from ‘Intro,’ the Website is also set to pull the plug on several other features and services. On queue is the demise of Slidecast, which enable members of SlideShare to upload audio-visual presentations online. This feature is scheduled to expire on April 30. Mr. Nishar said the service’s users could still continue to use in uploading non-audio presentations after that cutoff date.

LinkedIn is also set to end support for users of LinkedIn iPad app, specifically those who are using iOS 5 or older mobile operating systems. It could be noted that a similar measure was already applied to iPhone users and even to Android users who are using versions older than Android 3.0. LinkedIn advises its users to switch to the newer versions of such operating systems, which are available on iTunes App Store as well as Google Play store.

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