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Link-SF: San Francisco’s Best Service for the homeless people

Link-SF: San Francisco’s Best Service for the homeless people


Link-SF: San Francisco’s Best Service for the homeless people

Technology has always helped mankind in ways that was never possible before. From automobiles to education, from healthcare to food, mankind is taking immense benefits that have not only changed the course of its lives, it’s also effecting how they think and imagine things. Two weeks ago, recovering addict Edgar Aguilar walked into a computer lab where he was focusing his attention on a randomly received flyer which claimed that there is some mobile service which can help homeless people in daily life by providing them the exact location of free food, showers, technology, cheap tea bars and things like that.

Aguilar, too excited about this decided to give it a try. He spent hours thinking about this homeless friendly service in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco, which is, these days the most heated up battle ground between the two tech styles, youth and poor, homeless people which can hardly meet their both ends to have the least satisfying bread.

Aguilar didn’t know that after some days, he will be with the most powerful man of the town. After two and a half weeks, Aguilar was standing in front of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and other civic and nonprofit leaders as they officially launched the new Link-SF homeless services mobile site, the same site Aguilar used to find work as an on-call hospitality worker.

“That’s really been a blessing for me,” he told a group of reporters who crammed into the computer lab at the St. Anthony Foundation.

So what does Link-SF basically do? It’s an amazing mobile website which is optimized for the mobiles and helps the homeless people search for basic necessities of life around them like food, shelter, places for showers, cheap tea and coffee spots, technology products and much more. It’s pegged as a “Yelp-like” site for homeless services.

Aguilar told the media that the Link-SF has helped him and his friends a lot and the service tells each and every thing with detail. “It even told me that how long would it take me to walk over to that place where you can find free hot dogs,” sad Aguilar.

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A full time freelance blogger, Fahad is writing for 5 of the mainstream tech blogs these days. Loves having tea again and again and struggling with his "excess of sleep problem" for the past 4 years.

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