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Line App Gets 2M New Users During WhatsApp Outage

Line App Gets 2M New Users During WhatsApp Outage


Line App Gets 2M New Users During WhatsApp Outage

On Saturday, there was a jangling 210 minutes outage of Whatsapp around the globe, beginning from 11am to 2:30 PST and this outage was just after Facebook bought WhatsApp, so naturally, a hell broke out in the media regarding what are Mark Zuckerberg plans.

People made jokes about the deal that Facebook has played with Whatsapp to make it down to bloom the Facebook messaging whorl including that Whatsapp is just about to celebrate its near coming funeral. Whatsapp which is the most appealing social network for Smartphone based messaging and wraps the users from different nations like North America and Europe, has unfortunately taken a step down of the fame stairs.

Facebook contacted WhatsApp runners about the problem but there was no immediate response. At 12:16, a statement came forward from WhatsApp tweet which states that “sorry we currently experiencing server issues. We hope to be back up and recovered shortly.”

Line app acquired people attention and many users started switching to the app in order to complete their pending conversations that overhauled due to WhatsApp server’s blunder.

Line is the most famous Japanese social networking app. It encloses apps for phones as well as computers. Japanese youth idealizes the app due to its good availability and services. It holds designs from iTunes and Google play. With the app a user can send stickers and colorful icons along with conversation.  In Japan, it is at peak but not much globally in compare to WhatsApp. After being launched in June 2011, line was vigorously competing to enhance the user scale.

WhatsApp blunder added golden points into the line’s network span. Line and WhatsApp are rivals to each other and these 3 hours kicked the ball into line’s court. Line claims that in only 24 hours they got many users that exceeded 2 million counts.  The website that hardly lead to 3 million signups per weak caught to 2 million in just one day, an unexpected profiting success acquisition without any effort got by line. WhatsApp holds around 450 million users globally and 1 million daily signups but this Saturday WhatsApp lost its signup ratings. Other networks like Instagram were also focused by many users.

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