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Lindsey Vonn, Jeremy Piven One Night Stand: Real Or Hoax?

Lindsey Vonn, Jeremy Piven One Night Stand: Real Or Hoax?
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Lindsey Vonn, Jeremy Piven One Night Stand: Real Or Hoax?

One-night stands are meant to be brief, fleeting encounters. Lindsey Vonn reportedly has a totally different definition.

The Olympic gold medalists allegedly believes that a one-night stand is the first step towards a long and lasting relationship. Rumor has it, Vonn has been aggressively badgering actor-producer Jeremy Piven after their rendezvous in Los Angeles last month.

“Lindsay Vonn has never been one to back down from a challenge,” tabloid Star reported via Gossip Cop. “Which would certainly explain why Tiger Woods’ ex is trying to turn her one night stand with notorious womanizer Jeremy Piven into a long-term relationship!”

The pair supposedly met at the Red Bull Summer Pre-Game event, which was held at the Standard hotel on July 12. Vonn was spotted wearing a bright bikini and attending various activities. She even posted a short Twitter clip of her and Piven dancing. Another tweet showed her playing a round of Cornhole.

It was there where Vonn and Piven allegedly had a mutual understanding. They waited for the sun to set “before taking the party elsewhere” later that night.

After the one-time affair, Piven wiped the slate clean and continued with his Hollywood-driven lifestyle. On the other hand, Vonn thought the tryst was just the beginning of something special.

“Jeremy thought Lindsey was this great, easy-going girl, but she turned into a stage-five clinger,” a close friend of Piven claimed. “She’s constantly calling and texting him, asking when they’re going to hang out again. It’s gotten so bad, Jeremy’s even considering blocking her number.”

A representative for Vonn has since told Rumor Fix that the report is simply a fabricated tale. The rumor came from the same tabloid who accused Vonn of cheating on former boyfriend Tiger Woods with NBA player Kris Humphries.

It has been over a year since Vonn and Woods broke up, after a two-year courtship. The 5-foot-10 Olympian has gone on record to say that she is currently single. She claimed most men are too intimidated by her to even consider sparking up a conversation.

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