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Lindsay Lohan Severed Ring Finger Photos: Emergency Surgery Required

Lindsay Lohan Severed Ring Finger Photos: Emergency Surgery Required
Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan / Instagram

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Lindsay Lohan Severed Ring Finger Photos: Emergency Surgery Required

Lindsay Lohan got involved in a horrific boating accident in Turkey that left her ring finger in two pieces!

Lindsay Lohan is finally trying to get her life together and devote herself to doing good. She was recently in Turkey for humanitarian work to support Syrian families who had fled from Syria under difficult circumstances.

However, fate intervened when she was taking a boat ride on the waters of Turkey last week.

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After failing to lift up the heavy anchor of the ship, her hand got tangled up in the ropes. As she struggled to free herself, the sharp edge of the machinery caught on her ring finger, which got “ripped off.”

Luckily, her travel mates were able to locate the piece of finger that got slashed off from her hand and rush her to the ER, where she had to undergo painful surgery, reports Hollywood Life.

The surgery involved reattaching the cut-off piece of her finger back to her hand with the help of multiple stitches. Even though the procedure was a complete success, Lohan confessed that “it hurts so bad,” reports Daily Mail.

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Her ring finger is still heavily bandaged and has restricted movement. However, the horrifying accident has not dampened her spirits nor limited her from doing what she went out to do. She attended to her scheduled social work with a bandaged finger. She then met a Syrian family living in the Sultanbeyli district of Istanbul and took lots of presents to distribute to the kids there.

Lindsey even put up pictures of the family on her Instagram page, talking about their history and harrowing journey briefly in the captions.

Later, Lohan took to Instagram and posted a beautiful selfie, captioning it “One-handed selfie,” an obvious throwback to the accident.

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