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Lindsay Lohan Helping Refugees, Know How

Lindsay Lohan Helping Refugees, Know How
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Lindsay Lohan Helping Refugees, Know How

Lindsay Lohan recently expressed her desire to offer help to the refugees of Aleppo, Syria, a war-affected place. Her method though was questionable as it was unheard of. She wants to give the refugees energy drinks.

The 33-year old actress, recently visited the war affected city of Aleppo.  In this humanitarian visit, Lindsay Lohan was  obviously moved by the misfortune of the residents of the war-affected place and decided she wants to help the people.

Reportedly, her idea was to give energy drink to the refugees. Yay or nay?

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Lindsay tied up with a German energy drink manufacturing company named Mintanine, which supplies her eponymous Greek nightclub called Lohan.

An insider told Page Six: “There’s hardly food, water or anything, so at this point sending anything is helpful. ‘This is all part of Lindsay’s mission to help refugees.”

The producer of Mintanine expressed his happiness to get an opportunity to serve the refugees and boasted that they “do not use synthetic flavors or caffeine, no taurin, no aspartame, no inosit, but natural guarana.’

Mintanine is described on its Website as “Blue Lemonade.”

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It was previously reported that Lohan was interested in working with the refugees. So the first opportunity she got, she used it positively.

The people of Aleppo became refugees after a civil war broke in the place in the year 2011.

Meanwhile, reports say that the nightclub of Lohan is such a success, that she is planning to start new ventures with her Greek partner Dennis Papageorgiou. Investors are interested to invest on a nightclub in London and LiLo is interested in finding a Hong Kong venue.

Recently, Lindsay was found lip-locking with Dennis Papageorgiou. But somehow, her friends said that they are not dating.

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