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Lindsay Lohan Files Damage Claims against Grand Theft Auto V

Lindsay Lohan Files Damage Claims against Grand Theft Auto V


Lindsay Lohan Files Damage Claims against Grand Theft Auto V

Lindsay Lohan Files Damage Claims against Grand Theft Auto VGuess who is suing Take Two Interactive? Lindsay Lohan has recently braced the headlines once again after filing a lawsuit that alleges the game developer of using her likeness without any permission in the popular video game ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (GTA V).

In her legal complaint, the controversial actress claims that a character in the game named Lacey Jonas was obviously created after her. She enumerated several points to justify her assertion. First, Lohan maintains that the character is similar to her in terms of looks, voice, and activities.

The complaint pointed out that Lohan’s portrait was incorporated in Lacey Jonas’ image and clothing. According to the complaint, the character took Lohan’s clothing line products from ensemble in the form of hair style, hats, jean shorts, and sunglasses.

Lohan’s likeness

Secondly, Lohan said it was clear that Lacey Jonas was inspired by her when the character was portrayed as one that has to be escorted away from the sight of paparazzi during a particular mission. The actress believes that this pays homage to her frequent run-ins with the infamous Hollywood photographers.

Third, Lohan pointed out that the cover of GTA V features the image of a curvaceous blonde woman wearing a red slinky bikini. The video game character takes a selfie while flashing the peace sign. Lastly, Lohan believes that her claims are justified as the Chateau Marmont hotel located in West Hollywood was used in the game. It was Lohan’s former residence, where she frequently gets spotted.

Taking the action

In the same complaint, Lohan pointed out that other businesses that use her likeness of image pay for their right to do so. However, it was not specified how much she is asking as compensation for the damages she is claiming.

This news came as no surprise. It can be recalled that speculations about her plans to sue Take Two first emerged in December. Back then, TMZ reported that the actress was closely considering that action. In the next months that followed, Lohan apparently weighed her pros and cons for doing that action.

Lohan is not the first actress to make such claims against a video game maker. Ellen Page reportedly claimed that her visage was ripped off by Naughty Dog for the videogame ‘The Last of Us.’

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