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Lindsay Lohan In Danger From Boyfriend Egor Tarabasov: New Disturbing Evidence Surfaced 

Lindsay Lohan In Danger From Boyfriend Egor Tarabasov: New Disturbing Evidence Surfaced 
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Lindsay Lohan In Danger From Boyfriend Egor Tarabasov: New Disturbing Evidence Surfaced 

It seems Lindsay Lohan is right in saying that her boyfriend Egor Tarabasov can be violent and kill her. A new video evidence showed just that.

On Friday, a new clip showing Egor Tarabasov manhandling Lindsay Lohan surfaced. The clip was of good quality so those who viewed it can see how things went down for the actress, and it was not good.

The clip showed the boyfriend having no qualms hurting Lindsay over a phone. It started with Lindsay probably so pissed with something she saw on the Egor’s phone that she threw it out of their Jeep onto the beach. It’s impossible to know why she did that, but Egor Tarabasov’s reaction was not definitely something one will expect from a loving boyfriend.

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After the phone was thrown, it was obvious from the clip that Egor was upset and he opened his car door to get out of the car. Lindsay probably did not want him to get the phone so she tried to race him into getting it first. Since the phone was thrown someone on Lindsay’s side of the beach, it was easier for her to get it.

The clip, provided by Radar Online, showed Tarabasov was not having it. This is when the things got scary.

The clip showed how Egor grabbed Lindsay’s arm, yanked and twisted her limb back to get the phone from her. AT this point, it must have hurt because Lindsay Lohan can be heard loudly shouting her pain. A series of “Ow!” was heard.

To make things worse, Lindsay’s breast is exposed because of their scuffle and Egor Tarabasov did not even care to shield her, since they are in a public place.

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The “Mean Girls” actress was not able to hold on to the phone and it dropped to the sand, which Egor picked up and walked to his car. He could be heard asking Lindsay to leave, to which the actress repeatedly said no.

She climbed back into the Jeep, saying she’s not leaving because it’s her car too. Agitated and still obviously angry, Egor can be seen dialing up someone on the phone (that started it all). He walks away and this is when the video ended.

Considering Lindsay Lohan MIGHT BE pregnant (as she herself announced and her dad confirmed via US Weekly magazine but her mom later denied, via TMZ), this behavior of Egor Tarabasov is certainly bothering. No one even helped Lindsay out of the domestic violence situation, even the one who filmed the whole thing!

Are Lindsay Lohana and her baby in danger from the man who is supposed to be protecting them? Why is she not leaving him?!

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