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Lightning Strikes Woman And Decorated Horse Dead In Colorado

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Lightning Strikes Woman And Decorated Horse Dead In Colorado

A lighting strike ended up killing a woman an award-winning horse they got caught between two storms that hit Colorado on Sunday. It was a freak accident that resulted in such a horrible loss.

37-year-old Laura Miller was said to be riding along a community bridle trail located in the 7000 block of Rainbow Creek Road in Sedalia. Miller had been riding with a 15-year-old girl when the incident happened. They had been writing to meet the girl’s mother.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Blanchard, a lightning bolt had struck around 10 to 15 away from where Miller and her horse fell. The lightning strike ended up hitting a tree nearby and was absorbed by the tree and the ground. This resulted in the lightning coming into contact with miller and the horse.

Miller and other riders were trying to escape the storm when she got struck.

Meanwhile, Miller mother was actually just a few hundred yards away when the incident happened. She had seen the lightning strike but “not actually what it hit.” Blanchard said the riders were all trying to get away from the storm while finding a safe place to meet when Miller was fatally injured. “There was a storm about 10 minutes ahead of them, there was a storm they could see behind them,” Blanchard told CBS Denver.

Emergency responders who attended to Miller pronounced her dead at the scene along with her horse. South Metro Fire Rescue later sent out a brief statement saying, “SMFR assisted West Douglas with a tragic scene on Rainbow Creek Rd this afternoon. Lightning killed 1 adult female and her horse.” Meanwhile, the 15-year-old girl with Miller was found conscious at the scene, according to a report from AP. She was transported to the hospital and is said to be in serious condition.

According to a report from the New York Post, the girl’s condition has improved as of Monday. Meanwhile, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has also issued a statement saying, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased during this very difficult time.”

Miller is said to be the first casualty in Colorado for 2017. Friends remember her as a wonderful woman who truly loved her animals.

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